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The impedance of the Preformer P-bass

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  • The impedance of the Preformer P-bass

    I have a preformer P-bass pickup and am actually extremely confused by it... I tested it's impedance and it came up a whopping 17k... now... my normal p-bass comes up something like 11.3-11.5k but they sound identical... except the preformer has slightly less output (but that's due to the pickup being sunken in the body) can anyone explain how this happened? I'm stunned... I switched the pickups out in between basses and actually couldn't tell the differance...
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    Re: The impedance of the Preformer P-bass

    I'm guessing the Performer uses a smaller gauge of wire than the stock. That way, it might have less windings and still have a higher resistance, thus having less output.
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