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This is no ordinary Bass Ale!

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  • This is no ordinary Bass Ale!

    Indeed not. This is a celebratory Bass Ale, for I've just finished installation of pickups (AP2-N and PG-B) in my Agile 2500 DC. First time I've attempted something like this, and it appears to have worked. Thanks to those who gave me excellent tips before I started.

    It took about four and a half hours. I still have to mess with pup height, and I've got to let the neck settle down; it was without strings for several hours and the action is really weird right now; very buzzy.

    I'll be sending the guitar to Tracy Longo (Ventura County Super Hero!) for a proper set-up this week, but I've conquered another fear and saved some money, if you don't count the various tools and supplies I purchased at Radio Shack this week. Best of all, it sounds pretty darn good.

    Oh, and I'm pretty sure the kids didn't hear my outburst when I soldered five wires to my hemostat instead of the pot I was aiming for.

    Well, thanks again, and now I return to my previously scheduled beer. Vaya Con Cerveza, Mi Amigos! DZ

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    Re: This is no ordinary Bass Ale!

    Yeah, and it gets easier each time you do it.

    Congrats on a job well done. Have pint on me.


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      Re: This is no ordinary Bass Ale!

      awesome! and the occasional outburst is quite normal


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        Re: This is no ordinary Bass Ale!

        Congrats. It may be a bit late in the game, but Radio Shack also sells a great little device. It's basically 2 alligator clips with ball joints, attatched to a small bar with ball joints attatched to a small but pretty heavy base. (Looks like the beginnings of a robot crab). It works great. You can hold the wire in place, leaving one hand free for the solder and the other one free for the iron. It also works as a great heat sink too. It's saved me a bunch of times and makes the job easier (and if you're frustrated trying to chase down why the guitar's STILL not working, you can pretend it's a giant mutant crab monster attacking "Guitar-Wiring-Cavity-Land" . . . on second thought, it's probably better not trying to solder at 3 in the morning when you're REAL tired or. . . happens).

        One thing I do is diagram everything the way it was first, and started documenting all the changes I made and problems I might have run into along with a picture of the guitar (and any included wiring diagrams) and the date. It definitely makes it easier when you go back in to do more changes or to change things back after a while.

        And outbursts definitely come with the territory.

        Can't wait to hear your impressions when it's done,
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          Re: This is no ordinary Bass Ale!

          And I thought this was a thread about my favorite beer! In my opinion, the best Bass Ale is the ordinary bass ale. Enjoy it! And the guitar.

          (I have avatars and sigs turned off. Do you?)


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            Re: This is no ordinary Bass Ale!

            AHHHH! Bass to my taste buds! Good choice and enjoys the pups too.
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              Re: This is no ordinary Bass Ale!

              mmmm bass ale. well i guess it is late enough somewhere, i will drink to your good fortune. enjoy the beer and the pickups
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