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H/S/H For Washburn x25

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  • Benjy_26
    Re: H/S/H For Washburn x25

    Good combo, but personally, I'd go with the Cool Rails instead of the Hot Rails at the middle, to balance better with the Jazz at the neck.

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  • Trev
    started a topic H/S/H For Washburn x25

    H/S/H For Washburn x25

    Hi i have a Washburn x25 and was thinking about a JB in the bridge, a Jazz
    in the neck and a hot rails in the middle postion, would this be a good balance
    between guitar, price and tone!!! Or can any one help with any other alternative suggestions? I like to play heavy rock music, but i also like to play clean aswell.
    I have a Wahburn 7 string with a Custom and 59, and a Strat with a LI'L 59
    Duckbucker and a hot rails in the bridge. Both these have TBX. The x25
    i want to be more of a rockier instrument