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Middle position pickup for my tastes

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  • Middle position pickup for my tastes

    hey all, took a break from the forum for a little bit but im back and with a question for the pickup experts. i have a JB in the bridge and a lil 59 in the neck on my jackson and now that i have money i would like to get a middle position pup on it. My setup is hum-sing-sing. I am looking for a good tone for playing santana type leads (good sustain, thick tones) yet must be articulate enough to play steve howe type stuff. It should be able to do clean rythyms well and slightly overdriven rythym well too. I do not play metal at all so not interested in anything of that type.In a sentence, i am looking for a thick singing lead tone that is articulate and sound amazing both clean and slightly overdriven. Could the experts here please reccommend me something? My guitar is made of poplar and i want it to kinda- sorta but not neccesarily go along with the tone of the other pups in the guitar.

    your help is greatly aprecciated, thanks

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    Re: Middle position pickup for my tastes

    Since you already have 2 side by side humbucker/single coil sized humbuckers,why not go with either a cool rails or another LIL 59 for the middle? The cool rails would be better though...

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      Re: Middle position pickup for my tastes

      Is the cool rails very articulate? And does it handle gain well?
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        Re: Middle position pickup for my tastes

        thank you strat deluxer for the reply,but i would also like to know what metalman wants to know because i want a pickup with versatlity as well. And also when im talking about wanting a certain tone from a certain pickup, i know that i wont get their exact tone but i just want to get as close as possible.