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  • Pick-Up soldering

    Hi I was sent here by someone from because of my pick up related question and the amount of knowledge here on this forum about this kind of things.

    Now my problem/question


    Today I finally found what was wrong with my LP copy, how the humbucker was wired. Like when you look at the back of your humbucker, see 2 coils connected, 1 coil grounded and 1 coil hot. The problem was that the 1 coil grounded was well uhm gone (on both buckers). There wasnt a wire there, only a few remains of it (loose wire or solder).

    So I did that myself. now the neck pick up works but the other doesnt. I know there is something with polarity but how should I wire the bridge humbucker? Oh and what is hot rod wiring??

    For some reason there isnt much sound coming from the bridge pick up, but I do hear the click when I touch it with metal, and the other pick up does work.. Hmm maybe bad contact?? Suggestions???

    I forgot to ask. Is there a way to measure how much DC resistance the pick up has (with a standard ohm/voltage meter).

    Thx for the help I'm really trying to learn more about this and understand it all so I can do future mods and all myself and create new things.

    Oh btw its a standard passive humbucker with only 2 wires (the ground and the uhm whatsitcalled). So not the 4 wire type.

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    Re: Pick-Up soldering

    Try this :


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      Re: Pick-Up soldering

      Check the SD main site for schematics for 2 wire pickups
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        Re: Pick-Up soldering

        Yeah I know those schematics and that isnt the problem. I tried multiple because I thought I did the wiring wrong but the problem isnt connecting to the volume pots and the volume to the tone etc.
        The problem is the humbucker itsself. The humbucker itsself also has wires on the outside.
        Like you have to connect your hot wire on one of them contactpoints, you connect the ground on the casing.
        You connect the two coils on the humbucker together (that is still intact). There are 4 contact points now I've used 3. The last one is the one that you also ground to the metal casing.

        But someone on the other forum already anwsered it I think. It doesnt matter much how you solder it (to a certain extend ) but the ground wire from the 4th contact point probably just doesnt make good contact. Or my 3way just broke down on me, yesterday. So I will have to try that one first but its probably the ground thing.