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  • Single Bucker Ol' Skool

    If i was to put a single Humbucker in a laminate alder strat bridge what would suit best for A kind of all rounder, very clean to blues to metal, Im only looking at options as i'll most likley go with a H/H or H/S/S..

    So mainly maily vesatility..

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    Re: Single Bucker Ol' Skool

    If the guitar is bright, Custom Custom. If it sounds thick or lacking in highs, the Custom would do it. Add a push/pull pot for parallel/series switching, and you can gain another sound that would be useful for more delicate clean passages.
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      Re: Single Bucker Ol' Skool

      Benjy pretty much nailed it
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        Re: Single Bucker Ol' Skool

        id say a patb3. its a great all around pup for almost any style, sounds great clean, sounds awsome dirty