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    How does this sound, on an HSS American Deluxe which is an alder body with a locking trem... i will put, a Gibson Dirty Fingers on the bridge and a set of two lefty staggered APS-1 single coils for a righty guitar. Do you think this will sound good? Or should i reconsider?
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    Re: My pup choice

    I dunno about the lefty staggers... that would throw things off I'd assume. Maybe someone else knows better
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      Re: My pup choice

      Are the singles going to be reverse mounted as well? If so give it a try, it never hurt Jake E. Lee's tone. I just played a 1981 Explorer this past weekend that had original Dirty Finger pickups in it and they sounded great in that guitar but I think they would have been real bright in a strat, however I do not know how close the new Dirty Fingers are to the originals.