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lil 59, Hot rails, worth splitting??

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  • lil 59, Hot rails, worth splitting??

    I have a Strat with a lil 59 neck, duckbucker middle and a hot rails bridge,
    and a tbx tone control. i was thinking of adding 2 push pull pots to split the coils in the 59 and hot rails, is this worth doing or not. Do these 2 pick-ups
    sound good split?
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    Re: lil 59, Hot rails, worth splitting??

    I have the lil 59 in the bridge of my strat and it sounds good split I think it sounds better than the original pickup it is a mexi strat


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      Re: lil 59, Hot rails, worth splitting??

      In my opinion, if you were to take a mini version of a humbucker (ex lil 59) which is thinner sounding already than a full size bucker, then split that, it's asking for thin tone... but that's just me, as I've never tried it.
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