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High output humbuckers and coil splitting!

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    Re: High output humbuckers and coil splitting!

    My custom sounds pretty good split in the bridge too, except its better when you combine it split with the neck, or by itslef for a twangy sound with slight added overdrive.
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      Re: High output humbuckers and coil splitting!

      Nice, now I kinda wish I left my SH-5 in my Strat ... I guess I'll know what a split Breed sounds like instead.

      As for the 7 string, it seems that the four pickups that come closest to what I'm looking for in the bridge are the JB, SH-5, the Evo, and the Blaze Custom. I'm guessing any of those will split fairly well. As for the neck the Jazz, PAF and Air Norton.

      A tech at Dimarzio reccommended a Evo/PAF 7 but the Jazz sounds like a better option in the neck.