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Evolution w/ A5 Magnet?

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  • Evolution w/ A5 Magnet?

    I'm going to see someone at a wedding on Saturday who will bring me "Old Blue", my late 80's blue Charvel Strat. Haven't seen it since 2001.

    It's got the vintage trem blocked, and a DiMarzio Evolution in it.

    I'll probably put a new neck on the thing (the current one is laquered, w/ a pointy headstock), and keep the Evo in there as my "evil" sounding pickup.


    I got to wondering how an Evolution would sound with an A5, or even an A4 magnet, instead of it's Ceramic magnet.

    I believe it's only wound to about 13.5 K or something, putting it a shade lower than the Custom line of pups, and keeping it considerably less bassy/hot than even the Breed (which also has an A5).

    I wonder how it would sound with a different magnet. I'm not thinking it will sound like a FRED, since the FRED has those snarlying "Pearly Gates-ish" mids intentionally wound in it.

    This pickup might be really interesting with an A5, or even an A4.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Evolution w/ A5 Magnet?

    I'm eager to hear it period ... can you give me some insight on how it sounds? It's been described as bright and I'm interested in putting the 7 string version into my pretty dark Schecter (Mahogany/Maple body, set neck construction).


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      Re: Evolution w/ A5 Magnet?

      "bright" is almost a less-optimal term than "aggressive".

      Maybe that's just because this forum has pointed out that "bright" is sometimes "good", so long as it's still pleasant. The Evolution can sound unpleasant in the wrong guitar, but tight & aggressive in the right guitar.

      I'm thinking an A5 magnet would put it in the range of Duncan's Custom 5, albeit the resistance is 1k lower. I can't imagine the bottom strings getting boomy, with the hex screws, or whatever those things are called (it doesn't use regular pole pieces).

      So even with all the experimentation going on here at this site, nobody's ever tried/thought of this? I thought for sure at least few gear-heads would've given this a shot.....


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        Re: Evolution w/ A5 Magnet?

        how exactly do you change magnets?where to buy these magnets? confused!
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          Re: Evolution w/ A5 Magnet?

          I would think that the A5 would make it a touch more scooped sounding while making it more "glassy" on the top end. It probably won't be as agressive or tight either on the bottom end either. Wouldn't sound bad I don't think though.


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            Re: Evolution w/ A5 Magnet?

            hey let it be known that the dimarzio's like the SD and evo are not good for swapping magnets one guy here had a nightmare with this.
            dimarzio glues the magnet and uses too much wax for easy magnet swap.
            you will also find the EVO's to have over sized ceramic maganets and a regular 5
            wont be a retrofit


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              Re: Evolution w/ A5 Magnet?

              Good to know!