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  • PRS pickup help

    I'm new here so first off, hello everybody. I have a prs ce-24 (mahogany body, maple top and neck, rosewood fingerboard). I have decided to put a 59 in the neck. I don't no what to put in the bridge. I play metal prog and metal Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also maybe a pearly gates in the neck instead of the 59. Help

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    Re: PRS pickup help

    I have a Dean Caddilac that is pretty much the equivalent of your PRS wood/size wise and I get great sounds out of a PGn and a Custom in the bridge.


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      Re: PRS pickup help

      Would those pickups be good for my style(metal, prog)?


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        Re: PRS pickup help

        The Custom/PGn will be very simular to the HFS/Vin neck that comes in the CU-24. I can't remember top of head what is in the CE-24 but it might also be the HFS/Vin neck.

        It's hard to put the wrong pickups into those guitars, they are fairly forgiving. For metal a JB or a Distortion will be pretty brutal with the right amp. I have installed a few Dimebucker/59n combos into CE-24s and the tone was always killer. If you want a guitar that kicks serious ass, the Dime/59n is the way to go.

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          Re: PRS pickup help

          I hear the Duncan Distortion is the answer to an awesome metal sound.
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            Re: PRS pickup help

            I've had several PRS's including the CE-24, and my guess would be that a
            Custom 5/Jazz would suit you nicely in that guitar. I have a C-5/59 in one of my McCarties, and like how the neutral mids of the C-5 pulls some of the high mids out of a PRS's natural tone, adding a tighter bass and similar highs to PRS pickups.
            A JB, or Custom might suit you as well in the bridge. A 59, Jazz, or Pearly Gates would be my only choices for your guitar's neck position.
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