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Gold covered Antiquity HBs

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  • Gold covered Antiquity HBs

    Would I have to order these from the custom shop or do they sell them regularly?

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    Re: Gold covered Antiquity HBs

    Hmm, I am pretty sure the Antiquities come with an aged nickel cover. All of the Antiquities are made in the custom shop, but I don't know if they will make them with a gold cover at the same price. Best thing to do would be to call the factory and speak to one of the guys in the sales dept. They will be able to give you a definite answer


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      Re: Gold covered Antiquity HBs

      The only problem is that aged gold covers look like crap. Believe me, I have one from '73! I'm guessing you probably want new gold covers on the Ants?


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        Re: Gold covered Antiquity HBs

        I think I remember placing an order for someone who wanted an Antiquity with a new gold cover....that is a lot easier because we wouldn't have to "age" the cover. Go to your nearest dealer and have them order it for you, I am pretty sure it will be a "shop floor custom" and not a custom shop part. Good luck with that!