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  • Strat wiring

    I was thinking of wiring my strat with a Master TBX tone control and using the redundant tone control as a variable coil splitter for a lil 59 neck pick-up.
    Mainly to coil split the 59 because i don;t want any unsed switches, pots on my guitar, and it seemed a good idea to use this pot without buying another switch!!! Also i was think of adding a push pull 500k volume to phase reverse the middle pup, a duckbucker, when in postions 2 and 3 with the neck 59 and hot rails in the bridge.
    Anyone got any comments or better suggestions to my proposed guitar combination?
    I like a good rock sound, but also like nice clean chorusy sounds aswell.
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    Re: Strat wiring

    It seems like a sound idea, but I preffer push/pull pots myself for coils splits and the like. I tried the Spin -a-Split concept once on my Yamaha and found a switch much easier fro me to operate.
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