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Should I lower my bridge pickup?

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  • Should I lower my bridge pickup?

    I have a pair of Alnico II Pro humbuckers in my guitar, a boutique guitar similar to a PRS CE 24 with an alder body. As such, I've set the pickups according to PRS recommendations:

    With the high and low E strings depressed at the last fret the measurement should be about 2 1/2/32 on the treble side and about 3/32 on the bass side of both pickups.
    This leaves the bridge pickup much closer to the strings than the neck pickup when the strings are not depressed. When I play, I play almost exclusively with the selector switch in the center (both pickups activated). I like this smooth, glassy tone, but it's just a little twangy and bright. I am considering lowering the bridge pickup a bit to take a little of the bite out of the tone. Is this a good idea, and if so, how much should I consider lowering the pickup?

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    Re: Should I lower my bridge pickup?

    Try it. You might lose a little brightness but you might lose some sensetivity too. The desired height is really up to you. What if you just roll back the treble on the bridge pickup, or use a 250k pot, if you have 500k pots now?
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