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How to split JB

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  • How to split JB

    before i invest in a middle pickup, i would like to know more about splitting up my JB. I dont know much about splitting, i believe it is so u can have the humbucker work as a humbucker or a single coil. Could anyone please correct if i am wrong and please show me to a schematic that i need to use for my jb in the bridge, an empty slot in the middle, and a little 59 in the neck with 1 tone and 1 voulme and a 5 way switch? thanks

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    Re: How to split JB

    You have the option of either series/split or series/parallel...The split tone shunts 1 coil off and gives you one coil output and tone...You get single coil hum also...

    Parallel is still humbucking but with about 1/3 the output of your series humbucking tones..

    Go to the Duncan actual site and click on where it says "support" schematics and plug in your info..The drawings are on the main website..Here's the link for the schematics for ya...

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      Re: How to split JB

      thanks man i appreciate it, except when im looking at the schematic for 1 humbucker 1 volume 1 tone with coil split, i see that wires are connected toa pull push pot. I dont think i have a push pull pot on my guitar. am i looking at the right schematic? If im not which one should i be looking at
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        Re: How to split JB



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          Re: How to split JB

          yeah, you'd need a push/pull pot or mini-toggle switch to be able to split the pickup ... you can replace either the volume or tone pot with a pot that has a push/pull operated switch on it (be sure the cavity depth can fit it)

          good luck
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