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Jackson Strat style wiring

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  • Jackson Strat style wiring

    Hey guys,
    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes.

    I have a Jackson PS-2 guitar that has this config...

    Hum/Sing/Sing 5 way select 1 Vol and 1 Tone.

    I am going to put a Screamin Demon in the bridge.
    The problem is I can't stand that Fender tone the guitar has, is there any way of rewiring the guitar to get more of a Hum/Hum sound out of it.
    This is making me nuts. I can't even play it because it sounds so twangy.

    Im looking for a more 80's Metal type sound (George Lynch)
    My rig consists of

    4x12 Marshall Cab
    ADA MP-1 Preamp
    DOD Effects Unit
    Randall RG-100 Head



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    Re: Jackson Strat style wiring

    Loose the single coils and get a pair of lil59s. That will help alot.

    T4D got a new gig!

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      Re: Jackson Strat style wiring

      I've heard that Hot Rails are a good option, in addition to the lil 59's
      Originally posted by Scott_F
      On that day, should I ever be so unlucky, I will expect an unholy assault of pure metal mayhem attacking all my senses with a little tiny voice in the background screaming Effing Hails!