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High output neck humbuckers in the bridge?

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  • High output neck humbuckers in the bridge?

    I have a few guitars, but in one specific one, equipped with a Duncan Design HB103 in the bridge, I've decided that the output is just too high!

    This is a seven string guitar - what if I took a high output neck humbucker such as an Invader neck model or a DD neck model and stuck it in the bridge - what would the results be? Not just for 7 stringers either.

    I expect that there'd obviously be less output and more clarity, anything else? It seems like it would make sense especially with pickups such as the DD or the Invader, or possibly the Dimarzio Blaze.

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    Re: High output neck humbuckers in the bridge?

    It should work. I like the Dimarzio Fast Track 1 (touted as a higher output neck model) in the bridge of a strat. it still sounds fat, but it balances much better than the Fast Track 2 (bridge model) with the neck and middle and has way more snap and clarity.
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