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MM "Albert Lee" Pickup Equivalents

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  • MM "Albert Lee" Pickup Equivalents

    I own a Music Man "Albert Lee" signature guitar. I absolutely love the sound of the pickups it it. These are supposedly SD "custom wound" single coils. This is all I can find out about them. I would like to find a similar sounding set of single coils for my 2003 American Series Strat, which sounds alltogether to brittle and metallic/icepicky for my taste. The Fender pups are the new staggered pole-piece kind, and the middle pickup in particular is unbearably unmusical. It would make a great surf sound guitar, but this not what I am after. I have also been told that new pickups sometimes take some time to "mellow out" yet these pickups would have to mellow out in a very radical way.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks for all responses.

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    Re: MM "Albert Lee" Pickup Equivalents

    Take a pair of Alnico I IPro's in the neck and middle and a Twangbanger at the bridge and call me in the morning!
    Ain't nothin' but a G thang, baby.


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      Re: MM "Albert Lee" Pickup Equivalents

      What Benjy said...
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