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Compare C-5 to BBQ??

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  • Compare C-5 to BBQ??

    I was curious if anyone has made any comparisons between these two.

    I have had both in a Les Paul.

    I have had the opportunity to have both in the same guitar and tell you that the C-5 is more open, more bass, less mids, and lots of highs is how I perceive it. Kind of vintage. The BBQ seems very thick and yet still clear if EQ'ed correctly. This one has about the same bass as the C-5, thicker mids (not over powering), and smoother and rounder highs. They feel about the same output but I believe the C-5 is actually higher output. The BBQ sounds a little more modern due to the midrange to my ears. Just thought I'd share that

    Something about the BBQ makes you want to play. Hard to explain. I actually find the Duncan Custom similar but maybe a tad on the harsh side due to the ceramic magnet. I haven't had enough time with this one.

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    Re: Compare C-5 to BBQ??

    I still think the C5 has more bass and a little more output than the BBQ. One thing I've found is that the BBQ is really sensitive to height adjustments. If it's too close to the strings, it can be much brighter than normal, with less bass and those dreaded wolf tones. If it's too far away, it can sound too thin.

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