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  • Bridge for esp LTD

    Alright, in the beginning I had a Ltd m255 with a dimebucker in the bridge and a stock DS-1 pedal to go with it. I didn't like at all how the dimebucker sounded with the very bright DS-1, so I swapped it out for a 59b. I had a good experience with the 59 in another guitar so I thought the bassiness of the 59 combined with the basswood (or maybe agathis..I STILL DONT KNOW!) body of the LTD would combat the highs of the DS-1. It turned out pretty well and I jammed with that for about a week until I found out the ds-1 could be improved by mods. So I shipped my pedal off to stratdeluxer97 and got a back a much better pedal. HOwever, the pedal now had more lows to correct its original high pitched tone and this plus the 59b, plus the basswood body made for too much low end. On some amps this could be corrected with the EQ but on some it wasn't that easy.

    Now I guess i'm in the market for a new bridge pickup and was wondering if any of you more tonally experienced guys have any suggestions or advice.
    I like the clarity of the 59 but I would like less low end and more mids. I play metal/classical inspired punk rock in E STANDARD (think Thrice I guess) so I need the powerchord progressions, palm mutes and riffs to all break through the mix and sound good. I was thinking maybe a duncan distortion or JB might do all those but I have no experience with those pups.

    Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Bridge for esp LTD