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Is this a good match?

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  • Is this a good match?

    Just wondering if this is a good match?

    59 in the neck
    Alnico II Pro in the bridge

    Heard that some pickups don't go well together.

    Also, would these need any special Humbucker rings for them or is it a 'standard' mounting ring?
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    Re: Is this a good match?

    Theyr'e both standard humbuker mounting. I would preffer going with either an APH set or the APH in the neck and the 59 in the bridge. I preffer Alnico II pickups in the neck because of their slightly attenuated bass response as opposed to Alnico V's more robust low end. My ears translate this as more clarity and openness with Alnico II pickups in the neck as opposed to Alnico V pickups.

    YMMV, of course.
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      Re: Is this a good match?

      I have the APII in the neck of Parker Deluxe. This works extremely well. This is a beautiful pick up in the neck position. 59 in bridge.