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Does anybody have any experience with...?

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  • Does anybody have any experience with...?

    Wolfetone pickups ( I was reading about them and it sounds intriguing. Does anybody know anything about them or have any experience with them. I know theres an awesome Canadian luthier that uses custom humbuckers from this guy. I was just curious; thanks in advance!
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    Re: Does anybody have any experience with...?

    I've never tried Wolfe's pups, but I have never read or heard anything other than glowing praise for his work. He's a good guy, and has helped me on a couple occasions with questions about pups, wiring, mods, etc. I know he would stand behind his products and help you in any way he could. He hangs out at the Les Paul Forum from time to time...screen name McLeod I believe. If you do some searches there for Wolfetone you'll find some threads that might help you.
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