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Tele Hot Lead Stack wired incorrectly?

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  • Tele Hot Lead Stack wired incorrectly?

    I've recently attempted to install a Vintage Rhythm Stack and Hot Lead Stack into my telecaster. The neck pickup is working fine, but the bridge pickup is not. I do get some sound coming from the bridge pickup, but it is much lower in volume than the neck pickup and extremely trebley.

    I have wired it so that the red and white wires are soldered together, the green and bare wires are grounded on the back of the volume pot, and the black wire is connected to the pickup selector. Any ideas about what is going on here or what I could have done wrong? (Pickup height is not the issue, before anyone suggests that.) Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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    Re: Tele Hot Lead Stack wired incorrectly?

    Disconnect the black and green wires and read the ohms. The DC resistance should be around 21.3k ohms.

    It's probably just a bad solder joint though.

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