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New Tele, need PuP advice.

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  • New Tele, need PuP advice.

    my good friend Rabidrabbit suggested i use this to help me get a good idea.

    I recently put a new guitar in lay-away, and will be getting it out in 2 weeks, so this gives me time to choose some pup's.

    Here the guitar:

    Its got a H/H config, and i was thinking maybe 2 phat cats in it. Any suggestions?

    on another note, i have an 82' American Standard Strat with a Duckbucker in teh Neck, and a Hot Rails in the bridge. While the stock mid pup is still nice, i was looking for suggestions on changeing it out with another Duck.

    thank you all.

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    Re: New Tele, need PuP advice.

    welcome to the forum!!

    i think a pair of phat cats in that would be very cool!!

    i think another duck in the middle would be cool, but a lil 59 would give you a wider variety of tones and i love that pup in that position. most people dont use the middle pup that much but i think a lil 59 in there is a great, very usable tone


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      Re: New Tele, need PuP advice.

      thanks a million.


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        Re: New Tele, need PuP advice.

        phat cats would sound great in a guitar like that
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