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Custom for Dropped tunings?

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  • Custom for Dropped tunings?

    I am finding that the custom is fine in standard tunings, which is mainly what I use it for it has a nice growl. But as soon as I drop the top string down the growl turns to a brittle low end and things start getting slighlty to muddy and lack crunch and definition i like a smoother low end. Anyway its not too much of a problem cause i use my other guitar for the dropped stuff if i hav to and i like the custom in standard.
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    Re: Custom for Dropped tunings?

    Well, it's good that you have found a use for the Custom, because it is a remarkable pickup. I don't know why it's not working out for you in dropped tunings... but I guess it really doesn't matter since, like you said, you have another guitar dedicated for that.


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      Re: Custom for Dropped tunings?

      I remember hearing from a guy on here a while back that the JB works GREAT with dropped tunings.
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        Re: Custom for Dropped tunings?

        The Custom can sound hard and cold due to the ceramic magnet. Try the C-5, JB, or Rio BBQ.


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          Re: Custom for Dropped tunings?


          Jazz coil + Custom coil. Keep the A5 magnet. Maybe Ceramic magnet if not tight enough.

's just a theory. Seems pretty similar to the Dropsonic to me, yet made w/ Duncan parts, so that's a plus.

          Mud would NOT be a problem. Not enough coil windings. Not a muddy magnet.

          I talk as if I've tried this........