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  • Suggestions?

    This is my first post here. I've just recently dedicated myself to playing electric (I've played fingerstyle acoustic for nearly 15 years). Now, I'm starting searching for my ideal electric tone. And therefore, I'm not very good at describing what I'm looking for. But, maybe, you can offer me a suggestion or two.

    I have a Les Paul Classic with stock p/u's... 496 & 500 (ceramic and hot). I'm looking to swap them. I play mostly classic rock type stuff. Think classic Les Paul & Marshall sound. I want something full and warm, definitely not thin or piercing. I wouldn't say I need super high output. But, I do want it to get mean and growl occasionally.

    The tone wizard suggests JB or Custom 5 bridge and Jazz or 59 neck. From the tone samples I've listened to, I'm leaning towards a JB and 59 combo. Am I on the right track? How about a seth in the neck? How about a PG bridge?

    As you can see, I'm pretty lost. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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    Re: Suggestions?

    How mean do you want it to get, when and if? You may actually fare better with a pair of 59s or Seths than with a higher output bridge pickup like the C-5 or JB.

    That said, those 4 (JB or C-5 Bridge, Jazz or 59 Neck) can be "mix-n-matched" in a Les Paul and more or less always sound great
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      Re: Suggestions?

      Custom 5 & '59 is a nice combo! I think you would like it by your description.
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        Re: Suggestions?

        Welcome to the board!

        JB/59 combo is probably sold more often than any other.

        Alnico 2 Pro neck and a Custom Custom will be slightly warmer, not quite mellower, but a bit softer if that makes sense. It'll still get up and growl.

        The A2P is what Slash uses.

        The Custom Custom will give you some nice Van Halen tones from their Fair Warning days, but not the first album stuff. Heavy mids, easy on the highs. No ice pick through your ear.

        The 59 is just a classic humbucker tone. Real tight bottom and can get very aggressive.

        A lot of folks find the JB to be a bit on the bright side.

        C5 is just a Custom Custom with an A5 magnet whereas the CC has an A2 mag.

        Jazz is Seymours favorite neck pup, they tell me.

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          Re: Suggestions?

          In a Paul, I'd stick with a PAF class pickup, maybe a set of 59's, Seth's, or PG's.
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            Re: Suggestions?

            continuing Benjy's post: ... seths, antiquities!
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              Re: Suggestions?

              Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

              Can someone please give me their opinions/experience with the PG vs 59 or seth?

              I'm curious about something. From what I've read on this and other forums, people don't often use the same pickups in both locations simultaneously (59 neck and 59 bridge, etc). Is this just a result of wanting a higher output in the bridge? Or, is it for tone versitility?



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                Re: Suggestions?

                In your message you mention LP/Marshall. Is this the AMp you are using? That will have a big impact on how the PUPS will respond. From the way you describe what you are looking for I would recommend to stay with a PAF type of setup. The Seths would be a great PUP.
                I have a Custom TELE Thinline with a Jazz and a '59 which I really like. I play this through a 69 Super reverb, and A/B this with a Marshall 900. That combination and the 2 amps give me great versitility......... Good Luck, and Welcome!
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