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plz help with pickup ideas on new guitar

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  • plz help with pickup ideas on new guitar

    hi all, this is my first post.
    i was drawn to seymour duncans because they seem to be good quality and have many diff pups.
    currently i only have the guitar i started on, squire affinity strat. not too great of a guitar, but i have set up the truss rod, action, and intonation, as well as the pickup heights. i understand guitars pretty well (except for the electronics) and i love nothing more. i have two dream guitars, but both are realistic, and eventually i will get them (please dear God). the schecter c-1 classic is beautiful and great sounding, i fell in love with it when i first played it. i wouldnt alter it at all. the secong guitar would definately be a strat, i love the tone and the feel. im looking at both mexican and american strats with a floyd rose trem on ebay. i like the floyd rose, i set up my friends ibanez equipped with one and was pleased with it. i figure with a strat w/ a floyd rose i can get great dire straits sounds and eruption-like sounds. however on the strat, id want to change the pups. it comes in a h/s/s configuration, and i want to stay with single coils. out of seymour's pups i like the vintage staggered the best. i think a nice sounding pup can be altered later by effects and what not. ive also thougth about nto having a neck pickup, i rarely use it, and instead having the bridge and middle boht have their own tone knob, and put in a 3 way selector instead of 5. but that might look ugly. anyway i want to have all single coils, exactly which ones and how many im not sure, plz give me some advice.

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    Re: plz help with pickup ideas on new guitar

    welcome to the forum!!

    if you want your guitar to sound nice and stratty a set of the ssl1's would be great. on a good strat the neck pup is usually my favorite sound. what music do you like to play?


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      Re: plz help with pickup ideas on new guitar

      i like to play classic rock, metal, hard rock, funky stuff, mainly rock in general. id like a great clean classic strat sound, i can spice it up with boss stuff.