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Help, please: Installation problem - STK-T2B Hot Stack

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  • Help, please: Installation problem - STK-T2B Hot Stack

    Hiya -
    This is my first post on the SD Forum. I'd like to pose this question to the group...anyone's advice would be more than welcome!

    My new acquisition:
    2004 Fender Aerodyne Tele (MIJ)
    Stock p/u's: Bridge: "Vintage" single coil
    Neck: Fender's version of a soapbar P-90
    Replacing: Bridge p/u with a Hot Stack STK-T2B

    In the schematics that I downloaded from the SD site, as well as the tiny schematics that came with my new p/u agree with each other...

    Coming off of the new p/u is...
    > a core Silver wire for the control ground - I soldered this to the tone pot
    > a Green wire that I am directed to solder to a ground - I soldered this to the tone pot, too.
    > A Black wire that needs to go to the 3-way p/u selector - Done
    > The Red And White are to be soldered together - I have done this.

    Also, because I don't have a plate to fit under my new p/u, I soldered a wire from the silver ground wire on the p/u to the bridge plate. At first I had not done this, but learned that it was important...since doing this, the hum reduced quite a bit.

    Here's my big issue:
    I already know that the most common problem for a p/u install is where people switch the Green and the Black and this results in it being out-of-phase (sounding thinner and less volume).
    ...but when I do this, the sound is actually fuller (more mids and bit more volume) and there is less hum (?!?!?!)
    So, for me, it is better when I take the Black to the tone pot for a ground and the Green to the p/u selector.
    The Hot Stack for Tele Bridge p/u is hum-cancelling, so I know that it does not eliminate all hum but reduces it significantly.

    Incidentally, the stock bridge p/u had these wires coming off it...
    > a Black that was wired to the tone pot
    > a Yellow that is wired to the p/u selector.

    So, if anyone knows what is going on here, I would be extremely grateful.
    Should I go with the schematics, or go with my ear?



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    Re: Help, please: Installation problem - STK-T2B Hot Stack

    Anybody?? Pretty please?



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      Re: Help, please: Installation problem - STK-T2B Hot Stack

      Hey whackystrings your wirinig looks right, and your ear has done you well I have always reversed green and black when using SD pickups with Fenders. I don't know why, but they are out of phase, therefore, the schematic is reversed.


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        Re: Help, please: Installation problem - STK-T2B Hot Stack

        Thanks, Stevo. I read your post a couple of times and I also found this other post.

        It is finally sinking in...
        So, in the final analysis, if you mix Duncan's with some stock p/u's, you may have to go against what the diagram says and reverse the Green and Black wires....and that the Duncan diagrams assume that all your p/u's are Duncans!!!!.

        Well, at least I know that I was not going nuts!!! Confusion is now, back to re-re-re-re-soldering this beasty...(sigh)