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Old SD Tele Pup identification

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  • Old SD Tele Pup identification

    The lead pup in my Tele has gone a knacker! To my surprise it turns out to be SD of some description - I love this pup and would like to replace it like-for-like - but have no idea how to identify the knackered one. It has wax coatings, over a thick string winding - staggered poles D string highest, next G string rest all the same. The only identifier on the pack is a sticker 1 R - but this is possibly a quality control sticker? I've put a JD in it for the time being (I work in a shop and had one lying around!) and nice though it is it's not the same (too much output?). Any help much appreciated - I need my tone back!

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    Re: Old SD Tele Pup identification

    By the description it appears to be a Vintage 54 but the 1R sticker indicates a neck pickup and you say you have a bridge model. The raised d and g poles indicate the Vintage 54 though by the description on the SD main site.

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      Re: Old SD Tele Pup identification

      Thanks for this - looking at the Vintage '54 specs it seems about right. I'm gonna gig the JD tonight and see how it holds up live - although I'm still worried it'll be a bit hotter than I'm used to - but hey, that's Rock 'n Roll! Thanks again.