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Uncovered Seths? Possible?

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  • Uncovered Seths? Possible?

    is it possible to take the nickel cover off a seth? does it change the sound?

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    Re: Uncovered Seths? Possible?

    Yes, it's possible to take the covers off.

    Some will argue that the covers diminish some of the high ehd.. but that's a very subtle difference IMO.

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      Re: Uncovered Seths? Possible?

      I played my Seths with the covers off for a while, though they're back on now. You just have to undo the two solder blobs on the base of the pickup then gently push the cover off, being VERY CAREFUL not to damage the windings.

      I thought the bridge pickup sounded slightly bigger and brighter with the cover off, couldn't tell the difference with the neck pickup. If there is any audible difference it's very subtle.


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        Re: Uncovered Seths? Possible?

        One thing you can do with the covers off is to adjust the overall pickup height to be closer to the strings, giving up more output.
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          Re: Uncovered Seths? Possible?

          I've takin covers off and on of my pickups a bunch(can't decide which is coolest.haha)
          and I can never tell a difference