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  • Match for a Pearly Gates...

    Guitar in question is a Yamaha SG 2000, I'm gonna remove the Brass Sustain Block and replace it with a mahogany block I made, then I'm puttin' a Pearly Gates in the Bridge...for the neck should I go with a '59 or a Seth Lover? I'm trying to get a good 70's LP type crunch...but with a little more... I'm set on the PG for the case you don't know the SG 2000 is a mahogany/maple axe with neck through body, ebony board, and 2 buckers. It will be going through a Twin, A Rat, and a Brown Source most of the time.


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    Re: Match for a Pearly Gates...

    I would say either a seth or pearly gates, I have the PGn and it is awesome and I did have a PGb but I found it to be too bright on the top end for rhythm work in my LP so I sold it and got a gibson BB #3 I havent put it in yet though, I'll do it right now...haha
    I don't know how good a 59 would be with a PGb because I've heard the 59 can be over bassy which is the opposite of the PGb, I think the 59n might over power it.