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So I put a JB in my Strat.....

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  • So I put a JB in my Strat.....

    I put a JB humbucker in the bridge of my Highway 1 Strat and I`m not to crazy about it. After much debate I had a lone 250k vol. pot installed fearing that the JB might be to bright but the sound I`m getting is a really compressed sound(if that`s the word I`m looking for) almost like the pickup is being choked and it`s not bright at all. I wanted the JB for it`s 80s metal tones(Jake E Lee,RR,Warren Dmartini and many others) . Would switching to the 500k pot open up the tone or am I better off going with the Custom or CC ? I have the 59b in my other Strat which I love but I didn`t want to use it again on this guitar . I`ve heard the Custom is like a beefed up 59 and the CC is more of a middy VH type tone(which I love) . Please help , I need advice!
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    Re: So I put a JB in my Strat.....

    its probably not the pickup, its the pots. I use 250k pots for my antiquity II surfer single coils and they can be a tad bassy at times even. Imagine with a humbucker like the JB! No question about it, just get 1 audio taper 500k pot for the volume and a 500k linear taper pot with an orange drop capacitor to round off that excess brightness you're fearing.
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