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  • EMGs for strat

    I have a check coming to me from my university soon, and I think I'd like to make some changes to my strat. As much as I enjoy the typical strat sound, it doesn't work what/how I like to play. I am going to get two humbuckers I think, probably with individual volumes and a master tone. For the bridge, I want plenty of body, but with a real 'edge' to it, and for the neck, I want a something tight and chunky sounding. I think the 81 is what I want for the bridge, but I'm not sure what would be better for neck: the 85 or the 60... What do you think?

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    Re: EMGs for strat

    If cleans more important to you, get the 60. If distorted lead is, get the 85. If both are, install an 89.

    Just my opinion.

    I've often wondered about the cleans on the 60a. I figure the alnico (vice the 60's ceramic) would make a sweeter clean, even if it takes away some punch.
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      Re: EMGs for strat

      i think you should consider also the 85 for your strats bridge.I've got one in my strat and it's perfect.It is warmer with a more balanced treble than the 81 with better bass and low mids


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        Re: EMGs for strat

        you NEED to check out the Steve Lukather pickguard setup (from PRO series).
        i think its called SL-20.
        im normally very very against "signature" gear but the setup in there is absolutley awesome!
        you get the 85 for the bridge which is pretty sweet for a strat, a pickup such as the 81 will sound harsher than usual on a guitar built like that, especially if its an ash/maple/alder guitar.
        and you get middle and neck custom SLV single coils (bassicaly hotter and fattar SAV's) which sound very very sweet. comes with a black perloid pickguard. however you get only one tone control on the pickguard so take that into account.

        excellent tone and features if you want something that is abit different than the traditional strat tone.
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          Re: EMGs for strat

          I looked at some of the Single coil models, and though they look cool, I really like the humbucker sound more, historically. So maybe what I am looking for is an 85/85 set? They don't have calibrated neck/bridge models do they?