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duncan custom vs duncan distortion

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  • duncan custom vs duncan distortion

    i like them both but im looking for the one with more "bite" in the solo's and more "bark" in the rhythm give me your 2 cents

    thank you

    p.s my influences are dio,skid row,def leppard(old school) and all hard rock

    for the neck im thinking alc2pro or jazz

    the guitar im puting the pickups in is a jackson dkmg

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    Re: duncan custom vs duncan distortion

    hmmm . . . can't believe this got to page three without an answer.

    Here's a little "bump".


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      Re: duncan custom vs duncan distortion

      The Custom has more bite. The DD sounds more compressed. Both are similar when clean, but the Custom is a little cleaner. The DD gets a little thicker when distorted, but the Custom has more punch.

      I like the DD slightly more, for my style.
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        Re: duncan custom vs duncan distortion

        Distortion all the way, best metal riffing pickup ever. The Distortion remains tight in the bottom end, no flabbiness or mud. It has great bite at the top without being shrill. I would say it is a little more compressed than the Custom, which I would describe as a little more open and articulate. Both provide great rhythm tones for the shred/progessive metal type stuff that I do. But, when it comes to mids and top end, I'll pick the Distortion over the Custom any day of the week. The Distortion sustains days after the Custom tires out.

        I kind of think of the Custom as "Distortion Lite."
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