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Help with tone control wiring

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  • Help with tone control wiring

    Hey guys, is there more than one way to wire a tone control for my setup below? I've had plenty of experience wiring up my pickups and they all sound fine, but I normally stick with a 2 volume setup, no tone controls.

    I've got 2 humbuckers (dimarzio paf, duncan distortion), 1 volume, 1 tone, and a 3 way toggle. Everything sounds fine, there are no buzzes/hum sounds, the pickups are strong, I followed a wiring diagrams from the SD and guitar electronics sites, but the tone control simply doesn't do anything. I've tried a few different ways of wiring it, with the cap on the middle spot, then wired to the left spot on the volume control, but that doesn't work. The cap on the right spot, then grounded to the top of the tone control and the middle spot going to the volume control doesn't work.

    I've tried new pots and caps, still nothing...Any ideas?

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    Re: Help with tone control wiring

    Well, if you've tried different caps and pots, then the answer is simple, you're doing something wrong ...Right spot, left spot doesn't tell me anything ...
    Depends on which way the controls are facing ...better yet the use of the proper lug names would be beneficial here ... If you're a lefty, kinda need to know that upfront if your controls are going to be wired left handed (many lefties use the controls wired right handed though). Terms like Hot lug, wiper, and cold lug (CW, W, CCW for right handed) come to mind. That being said, sounds to me like you don't have a ground to the tone controls body.
    Cap to tone pot body, other end of cap to the CCW lug, the wiper going to the CW or W of volume pot ... which is what you described ...The only thing I can think of is either the one pot's body is not grounded, or your solder joints are severely bad, since you have swapped out caps, and pots, anything else from what has been described is pretty much an impossibility.
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