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    Hey I am looking to buy a bridge pickup for my American Stratocaster. I have narrowed it down to an APS-1 or an SSL-1,3,or 5. Any ideas, suggestions, or thoughts on how these pickups would sound and what tones I would get?
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    Re: Single Coil Decision Help!

    Give us some more details on what amp you play, what type of music you play, what type of tone you are looking for (vintage or modern), noiseless or true singles, etc.,.

    People that have similar interests to you will be able to comment intelligently on what works for them. I'm more a blues/old rock guy. I don't play a lot of high gain and I'm 90% of the time playing rhythm. For me, a good old Alinico 2 vintage in my strat was pretty cool. But, then I wanted a Tele tone in that bridge, so I put a Twangbanger in the bridge and a pair of Alnico 2 vintage in the mid and neck. I can dial in a bit of tele twang when I want to.

    that being said, I've never been much of a bridge player.

    so give us some more details.

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