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  • Pickup ID Question...

    Hey All...

    Newbie here! I've been lurking here for a long time but never posted as I'm usualy able to find just about anything I've needed either on the site itself or a forum search. This one's got me stumped, however, I'm sure it's an easy one for summa you long timers.

    I'm rebuilding a guitar and it's got a couple of older Duncans in it that I'm unable to identify in the FAQ or find on a search.

    Pickup #1... It's a mini bucker with the "S" logo on the front and back as well as chrome cover. I'm guessing it's a 'vintage mini bucker' but the label doesn't exactly match what's in the FAQ. The label reads "1NP".

    Pickup #2... This one is a dual coil 'blade/bar' type bumbucker. The bars for each coil are flush with the top of the bobbins with each bobbin containing a a smaller Duncan "S" in the center. I was unable to find any information on an identifier that matched the label on the bottom side of the p'up which reads "9BJ".

    Anyone have an idea as to exactly what these might be and when they were manufactured?

    Any assistance would be great appreciated.



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    Re: Pickup ID Question...

    Welcome to the Forum!

    I think that the neck pickup is indeed a SM-1 Vintage mini. The only rail type humbucker that I've ever heard of from SD (aside from the Dime) is the Silverbird. Don't take my word as gospel, though, as I have been known to be wrong on occasion.
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      Re: Pickup ID Question...

      I think benjy hit it right on the head. The 1N is the Vintage Neck Mini-Hum, wound by someone with the initial "P". I can't find the Silverbird production code on the main site, but the 9B I believe is for the Silverbird, with the "J" probably standing for "MJ" of custom shop fame.

      The silverbird is also the only other dual rail pup that I am aware of from Duncan, although that does not mean that there aren't more lurking around. You can always go to the main web page, and send of of the folks at SD an e-mail. They'll nail the answer for you right away, if we're wrong.

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        Re: Pickup ID Question...

        Did it look like this?