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  • Lil' SD and...

    I've had this Lil' SD hanging round for almost a year now and want to use it. I have a Strat (transplanted SRV neck on alder body, 2 point trem, rosewood fretboard) I want to put it in but need a few recomendations for the other 2.

    I had thought about a Lil 59 in the neck and a single coil middle, or maybe just two " Lil' " models alone.

    See what I mean? I need learned and sage advice to help pull my head out...

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    Re: Lil' SD and...

    what equipment do you use....and what tones are you after....i would try

    lil sd / duckbucker / lil 59

    lil sd / lil 59/ lil 59

    lil sd/ vintage rail/ cool rail
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      Re: Lil' SD and...

      Traditionally I'm way into blues but am looking to branch out into something a bit harder sound/tone wise.

      Right now my #1 is a Custom Shop Strat (stock p'ups) which I use for my blues addiction. I'm running it through a TS9 reissue into a Peavy Delta Blues. I'll be acquiring another amp more suitable for harder edged styles once the guitar question is settled. I might be trying a different profile neck on this Strat as well since the SRV neck is better for my "gorilla grip" style (don't ask) of blues playing and something a bit less substantial might suit my new genre.

      The SD/L59/L59 idea seems like a way to go, but I'm still open. I think the best way to describe the sound I'm looking for is a Maiden/Priest/Dokken 80's type vibe..


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        Re: Lil' SD and...