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    YAY! I just wired up my first pickup SH-5 Duncan Custom). Only thing is who put in such godamn long screws?! I'm gonna have to hacksaw the ends off and i can't find it; and it's 20 past midnight and I've already been moaned at so im going to have to wait 'till later so I can play with the rest of the strings.(I put on the low E to test it). Oh yeah thanks to Davey and Stevo for the tips and clips.
    One more thing does anybody else use an Aria 'cos the schematics on the SD site are nothing like so I had to improvise, which bascially involved soldering the definites (green and bare to ground, red and white together) and then holding the black and the red/white on to different controls.

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    Re: 1st Pickup

    I've just finished putting my guitar back together and have started playing but theres hum on the humbucking setting and when its split theres huge amounts of hum could this just be due to my ****ty soldering? Everything else seems to be fine and due to the difference in tone and the huge power I'm pretty sure that both coils are working.