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Anyone here tried SH-14 Custom 5?

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  • Anyone here tried SH-14 Custom 5?

    Anyone here tried SH-14 Custom 5? give me 2 cents?
    To compare with TB4, which pup is hotter?


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    Re: Anyone here tried SH-14 Custom 5?

    it is basically a alnico 5 magnet which is a bit hotter than a 59, scooped mids with a big bass response and clear highs less midrange than a cc and not as aggressive and tight as a custom . do a search there is bulk threads here describing the custom 5 or look under the vault for more reviews, otherwise ask what guitar its going in and what kind of amp u are using

    the c5, cc, and custom are all the same ecxept have different magnets therfore the voicing will be different. A2 mags have more mids with a softer top and bottom, sweet. A5 mags have a brighter top and bottom end with less mids unless it is overwound. Ceramics a more agressive have more ouput and are tighter sounding with a slight sizzle to the trebles.

    my 2 cents
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      Re: Anyone here tried SH-14 Custom 5?

      I tried both the C5 and the JB.The jb has more output than the C5.To my ears the JB has more mids(.....high mids) than the custom 5 and they both have good amounts of treble frequencies.On the other hand the C5 had a better bass responce than the JB. I ended up using the JB cause in my guitar (strat) the C5, although it was quite good, it lacked in the mids department and when i practised with my band i was getting lost between the drums and bass.


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        Re: Anyone here tried SH-14 Custom 5?

        I prefer the JB. I think it is arguably more versatile than the C5. However, many players love the C5. But what I mean by versatility, is that the C5 seems to need the right guitar/amp/settings setup to really shine, whereas the JB seems to be more forgiving in this area and might require less tweaking around.

        My opinion. I'm no pro.
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          Re: Anyone here tried SH-14 Custom 5?

          I tried three pickups in the same guitar, the JB, C5 and the CC. Out of the three I liked the CC the best, the JB second best, and the C5 as my third choice. I like the mids of the CC and JB, but the JB has an emphasis on the upper mids while the CC focuses on the low mids, which makes it a thicker sounding pickup. The C5 has great highs and lows and sounds somewhat "hollow". It's great if you are the only guitar player in the band or play strictly rythm, but I feel it lacks the musculatrity in the mids to really punch through for leads and riffs (at least in my guitar).
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            Re: Anyone here tried SH-14 Custom 5?

            Thanks so much guys!!! I found two clips of C5 and CC here. I think I prefer CC. Maybe TB4 will replace my bridge PAF Pro.


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              Re: Anyone here tried SH-14 Custom 5?

              I even find the Gibson Burstbucker Pro thicker than my C-5. I actually prefer the Rio BBQ as the perfect marriage of the JB and C-5....with elements of the CC......