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Why the slant??

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  • Why the slant??

    I saw a strat yesterday with the bridge pickup not slanted like a normal strat. I was just curious if anyone knows why the typical strat has a slanted bridge pickup and if it makes that much of a difference in tone.


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    Re: Why the slant??

    I don't know what the "official" Fender answer is, but I'd say you answered your own changes the tone. Just try picking at various points along the string. You don't have to move far to hear the difference. The bridge/neck pickups are extreme examples, but I think it does change the sound.

    On an interesting note, you may have seen slanted humbuckers (Van Halen, for example). I think he didn't do that for tone so much as to align the pole pieces of a Gibson width pickup to a strat spaced set of strings. The tone change on a humbucker would be less noticeable since the dual coils cover a greater amount of string space (length wise) in the first place.
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      Re: Why the slant??

      Seymour asked that question to Leo Fender once, and his response was the slant enabled you to get higher-highs on the bridge pickup.

      The Tele has a similarly slanted bridge pickup.
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