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Add warmth and sweetness with covers?

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  • Add warmth and sweetness with covers?

    I was doing a little reading on the net last night and a few pickup manufacturers recommend chrome covers to add sweetness and warmth to the tone. This kind of flies in the face of what most think that a cover has little to no impact on tone. I certainly notice a louder, brighter, more raw tone without covers. Just thought I'd pass this on.

    Actually the last place I read about this was the Suhr guitars site.

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    Re: Add warmth and sweetness with covers?

    If you adjust the pole pieces flat and raise the pickup height you will get a similar effect. With an uncovered pickup the adjustable poles and the slugs are a similar distance from the string. There may be a slight increase in the high freqs. with out a cover. It all depends on your ears, some won't notice the differance.
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      Re: Add warmth and sweetness with covers?

      You're not really adding anything, you're just taking highs off due to the capacitance of the cover.
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