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Active Pickups with dip switches? help!

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  • Active Pickups with dip switches? help!

    What are the different models for bass that had the switches... and what are the model numbers?

    I am trying to find some online but have had no luck... (I keep finding preamps with the switches instead.)


    P.S. This is my first post ever on here

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    Re: Active Pickups with dip switches? help!

    You mean the basslines active pickups don't you?
    I got them with two switches as a special offer, but saw them in the cataloguw with 3 switches. That's all i know.
    Maybe you should look under "basslines"
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      Re: Active Pickups with dip switches? help!

      Hey WarriorJoe7:

      Welcome to the Forum. From the FAQ responses:

      "We stopped making the switch pickups ("Active EQ") in the mid-'90s. We replaced them with the Pro-Active™ series. The little rocker switches on the Active EQ pickups change the sound. Switch #1 shifts the coil resonance. On a Jazz Bass® neck pickup and a P Bass® pickup, the resonance moves downward from 22 KHz to 6.4 KHz. On a Jazz Bass bridge pickup, it move downwards from 17 KHz to 4.9 KHz. The effect is to give a more focused sound with a harder attack. Switch #2 gives a broad band bass boost of 4 dB for the Jazz Bass neck and P Bass pickups, and 5 dB for the Jazz Bass bridge. The switches can be a very effective tool for changing the tonal "character" of your instrument. "

      I hope that helps.
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        Re: Active Pickups with dip switches? help!

        someone offers me such pickups. Are they suitable for 5 string basses? Where can I find any specs?

        I hope, someone can help ;-) ?