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  • Duncan Distortion question

    What is the difference between the SH-6/TB-6??? forgive me if that sounds stupid but i got no clue... i want a duncan distortion for my bridge pick up on my ESP Viper... set bridge.

    which one should i order?

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    Re: Duncan Distortion question

    The tb6 is the tremelo version of the sh6, Refering to the pole piece spacing. I would get the TB6 model if u have a floyd Rose equipped gat, or a guitar with a tremelo that has more spacing between the pole pieces than a standard fixed bridge. Either way if you get the wrong one, the pickup still sounds and works fine, maybe not on a Floyd, but on most standard tremelos.

    For a standard bridge Id order the Standard sh6
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      Re: Duncan Distortion question

      I've got a non trem spaced Distortion on a guitar with a Floyd and there is no volume dropoff what so ever. It is purely a cosmetic issue as the pickup is hot enough to pick up the string vibration even if it is not directly over the pole piece.
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