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Strat overhaul... Bridge HB?

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  • Strat overhaul... Bridge HB?

    hey guys, im getting bored of the S/S/S strat layout, fancy going H/S/S...

    which bridge hb would suit a MIM sunburst strat? thats alder body..

    i wanna have a nice lowgain sound, i have a different guitar for high-octane stuff..

    what would you guys recommend? JB?

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    Re: Strat overhaul... Bridge HB?

    Well I just did the same thing to mine, with a little 59 in the bridge. Although it's wired either incorrectly, or something isnt properly shielded, I did get to hear the pickup thru my gear. Thru the hum, I heard something beautiful, suffice it to say. I play progressive metal, and this thing has beautiful tone for the rhythm, and it get's even better when you solo. It just sings. It's fat, nice gain. When I get it re-wired tonight after work, I'll let ya know my final thoughts