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Getting closer to that AC/DC tone

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    Re: Getting closer to that AC/DC tone

    I have an Angus Young pup, it's not too much different than a stock Gibson pup. I would definitely go Duncan on this one. And, like Lew said, just try to get the sound you like BEST, otherwise you'll be on a perpetual quest for "the tone". I used to get a lot of high output pickups because all my guitar heroes used them. It was a LONG time before I realized MY tone was in low to medium output pickups. Sometimes you just gotta put aside what everyone else thinks is good and go out on a limb to get what you want (look at me, I'm a DiMarzio fiend! ).

    Hope everything works out!
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      Re: Getting closer to that AC/DC tone

      As I said previously, I was quite satisfied with the rhythm tone of the 59 in bridge, I was just missing a little bit in the lead department. I'm hoping that the JB rolled back will give me something similar (and clear) to the 59 for rhythm and that leads will be a no brainer. If it's too much, maybe the C-5 is the answer, i.e., a slightly more aggressive 59.

      As for the neck, I find the 59 too bassy and unusable as a rhythm pick-up with my rig (and taste) and it does sound as though the jazz would give me the top end and vintage clean I'm looking for on my Marshall). I'll try to figure out the bridge first, though.