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OK ALL, need new PUPs for My Music Man

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  • OK ALL, need new PUPs for My Music Man

    Hey All,

    Just picked up a new MM Sub 1 (great axe by the way). The stock humbucker PUPs are ok but are no Duncans. I've figured I'm going to put a '59 in the neck but the bridge pickup I'm still trying to decide.

    I'm looking for something with a nice bottom end and good harmonics. I want some power but nothing too overpowering. I figured on a JB but any other suggestions would be appreciated.
    Gear: 2002 Fender Amer. Strat W/TX Specials
    1999 Fender MIM Strat...
    2004 Music Man Sub 1

    '94 Fender Deluxe Reverb.
    Line 6 Spider II 1x12
    Boss ME-50
    Boss DD-5

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    Re: OK ALL, need new PUPs for My Music Man

    The body is poplar, which tends to have a tad less mids and more present bass and highs than alder. My Strat is an alder-bodied axe and it LOVED having a JB in there.

    When i do get a SUB1 eventually I'm dropping a JB/Jazz set in there. If you want more low end or a more hot-rodded PAF sound a custom could work well too.