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2002/03 Sg special needs pick-ups!..HELP

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  • 2002/03 Sg special needs pick-ups!..HELP

    Hey gang.I'm MARK.I'm new here.Anyway,I bought a Gibson SG special(2002/03) and the pick-ups are horrible.(Thanks Gibson).I knew the pick-ups were weak when I bought it, but I got it for the body and neck.Anyway I hear burstbucker is too harsh and bright.This guitar is half the weight of an SG standard.It's a mahogany body.I'm putting a sh-2 jazz in the neck.But in bridge,should I go SH-4 JB or SH-5 Duncan custom?I'm lookin'for a mix of Angus Young 1980 tone mixed with Eddie VH 78/80 sound.(Origional huh?....who isn't?)......Anyway,what do you guys the stuff)THANX ALL !!!!!

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    Re: 2002/03 Sg special needs pick-ups!..HELP

    For an SG (bridge pickup RIGHT by the bridge - potential to sound thin) I would go for the JB (more mids than the Custom). Those mids will thicken your tone a lot.

    Although the Jazz is a GREAT match, the extra balls and less bass of the Pearly Gates works really well (better in my opinion) with the JB.

    Just my taste mind you.

    PS: I'm Marc too...... with a "C".
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