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Is split coil possible?

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  • Is split coil possible?

    Hey I was wondering if it possible for me to split-coil wire my guitar. I don't think it is but you never know. It has two humbuckers, two volume, and two tone knobs and a three way switch. I know about the nessacary push-pull pots, but its the wiring I'm worried about. Theres a picture, what do you think, yes or no, can it be done?

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    Re: Is split coil possible?

    I can't imagine a problem splitting the coils as long as you have 4 conductor pickups. you take the red and white (if they are seynmourduncan) (or the out put for the coil you want to cut out and the input for the coil you still want to work) and have them ground out by the function of the switch. seymour duncan has some schematics for this but once again you need 4 conductor pickups. i'm trying to find a schematic to get a combination of pos 1 -bridge hum, pos 2-split bridge neck, and pos 3- neck hum respectively. basically 1st 3rd and 5th position of a paul reed smith but using a three postions switch instead of a 5 and get rid of the postions i don't use (2 and 4). that seems to be the hard part without using a 5 position smart switch. your options are push pull pot or toggle or if you have a 5 positions switch you may be able to do it without any new hardware just wiring there is a guy that is really good at making schematics that i have used for my custom guitars at tfn technologies his phone number is 860-664-4532. i may call him about my latest challenge.
    best of luck