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    hi guys,
    a good friend of mine just picked up a mexican strat and the pickups just suck! I'm a duncan fan and would like to recommend a 'set' of pickups for him. He has a 5 way switch, I would like noiseless/hum cancelling coils (it hums just terribly in anything but the 2 and 4 position) making the 1,3,and 5 positions just about unusable. I've been looking around at the site, does duncan sell a set of all 3 pups for strat (point me to them!) or should I go with an indiviually selected set?

    I don't own a strat myself, got a mustang with duckbuckers (awesome!) any recomendations would be appriciated from you strat guys!

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    Re: stat set of pups

    Duncan doesn't do boxed sets like Fender. If you order three of the same model you can specify calibrated sets that are matched to each other.

    There are so many combinations of Strat pickups that mixing and matching to get the tone you need makes more sense. For noiseles pickups you have many choices. The lil "59", JB jr., Duckbuckers, Rails series and Stack series are all options. I like the Lil "59" and the Vintage Rails myself ... YMMV.


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      Re: stat set of pups

      thanks blackrose,
      so what's your config? rails in the bridge, 59 neck? what's in the middle? just looking for ideas!